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  • Why do you rinse your glasses before every beer?

    Why do you rinse your glasses before every beer?

    You may have noticed that we place every glass on a water sprayer before pouring your beer. Whether it’s a taster, wine glass or beer glass, it’s rinsed before it gets to you. The question we often get is, “Why do you do that?” Well, here’s why…

    First, the water spray serves as an extra rinse after glasses go through our high temperature dish washer. Any sanitizer or rinse agent that may be left on your glass is washed away by our water sprayers. Start paying attention to your bar glassware. You may be surprised at the taste difference this extra rinse makes.

    The second reason we give your beer glass some extra attention is because of the coolers we keep them in. In order to give you the coldest, most refreshing beer, we keep our pint glasses nice and cold. So cold, in fact, that they will freeze a layer of beer on the inside if not warmed up just a little bit before they get your beer. The water sprayers “warm” up your glass just enough that no precious beer will be frozen.