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  • How cold is cold?

    How cold is cold?

    OK, so let’s get it out of the way… Yes, it is technically incorrect to serve beer in a chilled glass. A “warmer” beer releases more carbonation and aroma. More aroma equals more taste.

    “So why do you use chilled glasses?”

    We chill our glasses because most people love their beer nice and cold. We aim to please! Most people are most pleased with a beer as cold as they can get it. A chilled glass keeps that bubbly goodness nice and frosty from the tap to the table.

    “What if I want to drink my beer the right way?”

    No problem! We keep a lot of clean glasses at room temperature if you’d like to enjoy the added aroma and flavor of your beer. Just ask for a room temp glass and we’ll take care of you.

    Whichever way you most appreciate your beer we’ll make sure it happens!