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  • Clean Tap Lines

    Clean Tap Lines

    Have you ever considered the route your beer takes before it gets to your glass?

    Your delicious beer takes quite a journey before it gets to your glass. This journey takes it through a coupler (the piece that attaches to the keg), tubing and tap. All along the way yeast, mold and bacteria can, and will, build up. At best this build up will affect the beer taste, and at worst will make you sick. Either way buildup is not a good thing. The only way to solve this potential problem is to do a thorough cleaning of the entire system.

    Every Mr. Brews Taphouse does a complete line cleaning well before any buildup can become a problem! Every two weeks we disconnect every beer and completely flush out, and clean, every one of our tap lines.

    The cleaning process is laborious, time consuming and costly. But your beer is absolutely worth it! We wouldn’t think of pouring you anything other than the best beer.