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The History

Mr Brews Taphouse concept began in March 2013 in Weston, Wisconsin. Craft Beer has always been an intriguing specialty to the owner as well as the public. Research indicates that the Craft Beer market is still in its infancy. Projected growth in the Craft Beer market over the next 8-10 years shows an increase of that segment to grow to over 16% of the total beer market. A 50% increase from today’s 8% market share (Bloomberg Businessweek).


Fresh Ingredients & Good Beer

Along with Craft Beer, the company took a hard look at how to best compliment this specific concept related to food. For over decades, the burger has been an American staple. Instead of average beer and burgers, our company sought out the exceptional All American Burger. Our burgers begin daily with freshly ground meat that is a brand specific blend. To complement the burger, we have also worked with numerous bakeries to perfect our signature fresh-baked bun. To enhance the flavorful experience, it was important to offer fresh sides with our burgers. Fresh cut chips and fries were the perfect match to our juicy burgers.


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